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Materialization of Information

The project was a  collaboration with the faculty & students of Columbia university GSAAP, Studio X Mumbai & NMIMS Balwant Sheth School of Architecture. 

A small structure which explores the relationship between the virtual, the visual and the physical. The theme of the project was a ‘materilalization of information’ following some theories posed by Henri Bergson in ‘ matter and memory. Perception, representation, culture code of perception and active perception filters.

 The repetitive rib system, expressing the fluid transformation of a visual frame responding to different perception depending on the position of the viewer, defines both the structure and its deformation. It is a self-referential system, repeating itself twenty-six times with each rib notating a slight transformation of the frame. Structurally, the second system of ribs intersect the primary system and rigidify the entire spatial device through their intersections.  

Academic: Design Studio Project 

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