Virtual Reality + Body Data Installation

An Image Of Body


In everyday life, we experience the space around us as a unitary and
seamless whole. Contemporary neuroscience reveals that the brain
constructs a distinct representation of the space around the body
centered on different body parts namely hand-centered, head-centered
or leg centered which is modulated by multi sensory interactions of
the body and stimuli in the environment. This representation is called
peripersonal space.
The project AIB (An image of body) is an immersive visual representation
of the peripersonal space of the mind in a VR setup. The individual
experience is triggered by two factors, the readings of a Galvanic skin
response(GSR) sensor and the individual manipulation. The readings
from GSR sensors give an unconscious rise to a visual geometry in the
VR headset, the individual manipulation is a conscious interaction with
that geometry.



Anirudhan Iyengar & Clemens Plank


- IARC Exhibition, 2020, Innsbruck, AT

- Fest De Wissenchaft, 2019, Innsbruck, AT

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