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Cultural Center, Wai, Maharashtra, IND

The village is situated on the banks of the river Krishna, the heart of the village. The village houses the famous Nana Fadvanis Wada. Nana Fadnavis a minister at the Maratha court, he was a patronage of literature, art, music, and theatre. This place is also called as the Banaras of the Western Indian because of it elaborate Ghats and the kind of culture and tradition that dawned here. With the death of Nana Fadnavis, the village lost its identity and went into hibernation. The brief was to build a catalyst that revitalizes the village and brings back its lost charm. The intervention was its lost charm. The intervention was a cultural center. A place that appreciates and nurtures the culture of Maharashtra. With a literature, dances and classical music school. 

Academic: Design Studio Project 


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