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Performative Techtonic Textiles


The focus of the research was to explore through design the expression-al potential of textiles in a relationship with the technique of its construct. Working on designing a newer approach to textile exploration where there would be the transformation of the surface molded through interactive, intelligent sensor technology. The process would be to materialize diverse design ideas by textile construct where the aspects of structure and tectonics of the material would be looked upon. Develop a hybrid intelligent skin, which expresses the human body and its adaptation to the environment. In this relationship, the observation would be to understand what the human body is feeling and how is the skin expressing it. The feeling could range from pressure, perspiration, to change in the temperature.


Academic: Design Project 

Prototype -1
Porous Square Darts

A cubic form is created using four dart stitch as shown in diagram which can be contacted and expanded with the help of a help string attached at the back. Due to the material the prototype acts as a selective and porous skin which allows for control of temperature through the skin

Prototype -2
2 Way Zipper

Two skins softer & rough are stitched together with a zipper. The soft skin is stitched inside the zipper and an inverted runner is placed on the same zipper for the soft skin to open up and the rough skin to close. Making it an alternate skin which serves the human body for two different conditions.

Prototype - 3

Air Flutes 

Flute shape is created along the lines of conical form which allows movement of air inside it. Tapering the flutes would lead to stagnation of the air in the channel which leads to an exchange of heat with the body. This skin would facilitate a temperature balance between the human body and outside 

Prototype -4
Deformable Cube

A cube is created with metal wires which deforms in a hexagon. The sides of the cube are surfaced with a porous skin which allows movement of air with the opening and closing motion it regulates the flow of air. The porous skin is woven out of thread with the crochet technique. 

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