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 Interactive XR Eexperience



It is a multi layered extended reality experience in an interactive room setup hosting artists from various backgrounds to create an inhabitable digital entity, through a set of audio visual rituals, that includes real time actors with motion tracking suits, real time interactive objects for an immersive experience that oscillates between physical and virtual realities.  The project tells the story of a digital entity, a new type of a shaman, the so called techno shaman.

The project allows the visitors to dive into a virtual world and to participate in a ritual with the technological shaman. The experience itself consists of three different levels that gradually transcends the experiencer to unknown places. The first scene is the 360 capture of the physical room where the experiencer meets the shaman. With use of a virtual headset attached to an HTC Vive Object Tracker, the real time actor who embodies the techno shaman is able to take you to a deeper dimension where her performance surrounds the experiencer in the virtual room. The last scene is a LIDAR Scan model of a local forest which is being controlled by the motion of the audience captured by a Kinectv2 hidden in the room. One connects with collective and slowly exits the experience


- Schmeide Hallein, Salzburg, AT


Genre:  VR, ML, Audio Visual Performance & Motion Tracking Duration:  10 minsCreative Directors:  Wwe Brunner & Cenk GüzelisSound Design:  Gregor Blösl & Nicholas Peter EcklPerformance: Jolyane Langlois Visual Production:  Anirudhan Iyengar & Marvin KanasStage: Helvijs Savickis

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