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Installation - Kalaghoda Art Festival

The canopy responds to the festival
manifesto of “Mumbai dreams: Art to
Change”. The design caters to one
basic issue - the need for visibility in a
visually crowded environment.The
basic design proposal was a series of
translucent angular folded plates that
each directs the leaves to channels.
These, in turn, combine and empty into
a transparent receptacle that wraps
around the trunk. Each of these plates
creates a terrain, which the leaves
negotiate on their journey to the gathering
point. The process of change is
made visible as the level of the leaves
collecting within the
receptacle increases over the course
of 7 days. To ensure that the visitor
pauses to experience this process, we
propose to refurbish the existing otla
surrounding the tree with the receptacle
as a backrest.



Academic: Part of Design & Execution Team

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